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CNC Milling Parts

CNC milling is more applied to complex surfaces。

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CNC Milling Parts

  • What is CNC Milling?

    quality CNC Milling Parts Service

    CNC milling is an indispensable process in modern machining. The process different from turning is that turning is the high-speed rotation of the machined part, and the tool moves slowly along the x.y.z direction on the tool holder to cut off the material. CNC milling process adopts that the material does not move, the tool rotates at high speed on the tool holder and moves slowly along the three directions of x.y.z to cut off the material. At the same time, NC milling machine tools are generally equipped with tool magazine, which can automatically select the tool through the program to realize the whole process of unmanned operation, stabilize the quality, improve the efficiency, and reduce the labor cost and man-made impact on the quality.

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We have 30 CNC milling machines, which provide the processing capacity of 100,000 pieces per year, which can ensure that all surfaces are processed in place. We have high-precision (± 0.005) CNC milling, and the milling range is from 1mm to 1500mm. Surface, groove, taper surface, hole, special-shaped surface and other processing are the main processing scope of milling. CNC milling is suitable for the processing of large quantities of special-shaped parts. The simultaneous processing of multiple parts can be realized by customizing tooling fixtures. By optimizing the program, the processing path of continuous multiple processes can be reduced and more efficient production can be realized. Our enterprise has realized the networked control of multiple machine tools to realize the synchronous implementation and monitoring of the production process.

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