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Sheet Metal Machining

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    quality Sheet Metal Machining Service

    ofIn the butt-joining sheet metal blanks by beam welding for the prodn. of taylored blanks of variable thickness, the blanks are stacked with at least one edge aligned, clamped together between clamping bars on each side and machined on the aligned side of the stack prior to butting the prepared edges and joining the blanks by welding along the seam. An edge prepn. fixture is also claimed.

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A sheet metal machining apparatus is disclosed, and the sheet metal machining apparatus includes a base, a driving device, a supporting device, a rolling device and an oscillating device. The driving device and the supporting device are set on the base. The rolling device is located on the supporting device, and has a first roller and a second roller. The oscillating device is associated with the second roller by a linear guide. Thus, the first roller and the second roller are driven by the driving device to rotate in an opposite directions wherein the second roller further reciprocates in a predetermined range through the oscillating device.

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