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CNC Turning Parts

CNC turning is the most common machining method in machining.

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CNC Turning Parts

  • What is CNC Turning?

    quality CNC Turning Parts Service

    CNC turning is the most common machining method in machining. The main working principle is: through the high-speed rotation of the workpiece on the machine tool, the tool shifts in the axial and vertical axes, so that the blade cuts off some materials of the interfering parts. NC turning is a way to distinguish manual turning. Manual turning depends on manual control of machine speed and feed. NC turning is a way to realize semi manual machining by manually setting machine parameters.

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We have 50 CNC lathes, which provide the processing capacity of producing 1 million pieces per year. We have high-precision (± 0.002) digital lathe processing. The turning range is from 1mm to 1200mm. Shaft, rod, tube and circular machining are the main machining types of turning. The surface processing of non concentric parts such as knurling can be completed through special tooling fixtures. NC turning is especially suitable for the processing of large quantities of parts. By increasing automatic feeding, simultaneous processing of multiple tools and increasing the number of workpieces, the processing of parts with the same quality can be optimized, which can greatly improve the machine efficiency and reduce the processing cost.

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